Why Us?

Why use Cheggout

Cheggout gives banks an additional channel for revenue generation and provides a way to meet variety of needs all at once. Not only does Cheggout attract new customers to the bank, but it also has a unique ability to increase card spend and customer engagement. This, in turn, creates significant revenue potential for banks.

Real Value to Customers

Real Value to Customers

Helping customers save money on everyday purchases results in more loyal and more profitable customers.
- Easy to use Price Comparison service to save time and money.
- Highly relevant promotions, coupons and offers.
- Significant savings, cashback and rewards.

Gain New Customers and Decrease Attrition

Customers that engage with Cheggout earn meaningful value and are more inclined to recommend the bank’s products and services to others. Banks see 26% lower attrition for credit card customers and 19% lower attrition for debit card customers.

Gain New Customers and Decrease Attrition
Strong Digital Footprint

Strong Digital Footprint

Cheggout helps banks boost online presence by launching all-inclusive price comparison portal to provide the best deals to bank customers from other e-commerce players such as Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon. Cheggout is also a great place to promote valuable financial products and services.

Deep Insights

Cheggout’s unique insight into consumer purchase behavior can empower banks to better understand where their customers are in their lives and what matters most to them. Banks can deepen relationships by engaging customers with relevant offers for mortgages, car loans, or credit cards–at the right time.

Deep Insights

Industry Leading Shopping
Portal & Rewards Program

Cheggout offers a low-cost implementation service with flexible integration options. Banks can choose to have Cheggout implement digital banking integration or leverage our suite of APIs to do it internally.

Flexible Engagement

Custom Software

Product Innovation &




Integrated & Dedicated

Big data and

Cloud backup

For leading banks

Cheggout creates significant revenue potential for banks.